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History 2012→2021

● Overseas

2015 JAPAN EXPO IN THAILAND 2015 Two days at Thailand's first Japan Expo Opening

January 2016 US release CD "Neo Japanesque" released

December 2017 US tour conducted for 2 weeks. Acclaimed by more than 20,000 audiences

January 2019 Release of US release CD "Neo Japanesque 2"

China Internet TV Mokomichi Hayami will be selected as the theme song and ending theme song for the program "Hayashi Monogatari".

March 2019 Two-day live performance at Detroit Art Museum in Detroit, USA

April 2019 United States NYBethel Gospel Assembly

David S. Mack Sports snd Exhibition Comple (stadium for 5000 people)

Performed at Shrine Harlem (live house)

In addition, many live shows and appearances at events

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