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School gymnasium or concert hall, etc.

*If the gymnasium is on the second floor or higher, we ask teachers to help with loading and unloading.

From loading to performance

[School gymnasium] Approximately 3time

[Concert Hall] Approximately 4 hours

*It takes approximately 1 hour to 1 and a half hours to move out and leave the building.

Performance time

[Elementary/junior high school] 60-70 minutes

[High school] 80-90 minutes

The target number of people

We have a variety of schools, from small to large, so please feel free to contact us.

Implementation period

All year round

*October and November are very crowded, so please contact us as soon as possible.


6-7 people

*Please contact us directly as it will be determined by the performance fee.

About sound/PA

[For gymnasiums] Necessary audio equipment will be provided.

*Some equipment lighting will be borrowed.

[For halls] Hall usage fees, sound and lighting costs are required separately.

Content details

​Art appreciation party pamphlet

Past appearances and activities (excerpts)

You can download and print.


Flow from inquiry to implementation


​Contact us


Document request

Proposal/​Submit a quotation


Your consideration


​Decision on performance content


​Implementation (performance)



(Payment must be made every two weeks)

Check out the performance video

We will deliver the highest quality performance at any venue!

Infection prevention measures during performances

The performers will follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

We are taking the following infection prevention measures.

  • Temperatures will be taken before departure, and those with fever or other unwell conditions will not participate.

  • Those who have had close contact with the venue within two weeks before the performance or those who have traveled overseas will not participate.

  • Temperature checks upon entering the venue, hand disinfection, and masks must be worn inside the school.

  • Keep the specified distance between the audience and the performer.

  • Alcohol disinfectant will be installed in the wings of the stage, dressing rooms, etc.

​Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation after contract is invalid

  • Cancellations due to government-certified infection control measures such as coronavirus infections are possible without cancellation fees if requested up to one month before the performance date, assuming the performance is postponed.

​Inquiries about the art appreciation party

Request for materials or request for appearance

​Please contact us for any inquiries!

Thank you for your Message!

​Program/Stage composition

[●NeoJapanesque original song]
We played one song to let people know what kind of band Neo Japanesque is.

[Original arrangement of Japanese traditional music]
We will deliver original arrangements of songs that everyone must have heard at least once.

[●Introduction of members and instruments]
An introduction to Japanese musical instruments and the differences between them and similar Western instruments. Shinobue and flute, Japanese drum and drum set

[Original arrangements of songs requested by students]
We will perform original arrangements based on requests received in advance from students!
There are various types of requests such as choral songs sung at school and anime songs!

[●School song arrangement performance]
We will perform a newly arranged school song using Japanese and Western instruments!

[●MC: “What does it mean to keep chasing your dreams?”]
Based on my experience of performing overseas, I hope this will serve as an opportunity for us to realize the importance of continuing to pursue our dreams and the great potential we have.
I want you to become With that in mind, I would like to share my experience with you.

[●Japanese drum vs drum serious battle! ]
A serious battle between Japanese drums and drums that can only be seen at Neo! The lively and intense performance of Japanese drums is a must-see! !
We will deliver a rock number full of power!

[●Session with all students! ]
A neo-Japanesque session using long drums and fan drums to songs that everyone knows!
We will perform a live performance that brings the entire venue together!

*In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections, all students are currently asked to join in the applause.



​Japanese and Western instrument mixed band recognized by the world『Neo Japanesque』

Using traditional instruments such as Japanese drums and shinobue, which are rarely heard in Japan,

​Make the most of its charm“New music = Neo sound”teeth

It captivated and moved tens of thousands of people overseas.

​I want to deliver that passionate stage to many young people.

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